Winter Time’s


Winter Time’s

Tue Thur Sat + JA: 9-12 central us
Classroom antics, Training, Events, Ceremony, perhaps a story.

Wed + SoW Podcast: 10-12 central us
contact if you want to be on the podcast or with any ideas

Sun + SoW Plays: 9-12 central us
Single and Multiplayer.

About +SifuRed

i am a martial artist based on zen and taoist concepts. i have trained in: Thai Boxing. Western Boxing. Western Fencing. Japanese Kenjutsu. Shurikenjutsu. Iaijutsu. Nunchaku. Yogunjutsu. Jeet Kiri Do. and Jeet Kune Do. Philosophy. General world history. War History and Tactics. All Basic scientific branches.

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