The Tool List

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Basic Training Plan

Skill Work: 10-20 reps (Pick 4-5 skills)
Parrying Drills: 10-20 reps (Red and Yellow)
Avoiding Drills: 2-3 duels
Skill Work: Sparring (Pick 1-3 skills only)

Basic Cuts

  The 7 Basic Cuts
  The Step Cut
  Basic Cut Application (BCA)

Basic Chains

  The 1-2 & 1-2-3
  Basic DFA and Kata Introduction and Application

Basic Footwork

  Basic Tempo and Range Introduction
  The Walk
  The Burst
  The SIdesteps
  The Curve Steps

Advanced Footwork

  The Feint Steps
  The Spin Steps
  The Feint Side Step
  Avoiding with Footwork

Saber Defense

  Block and Parry
  Parry Cuts

The Tactics

1. Single Angulated Attack (SAA) / Single Direct Attack (SDA) "Feinting Parrying or as a Stop Cut or Counter"
2. Progressive Indirect Attack (PIA) "Motor Setting"
3. Hand Immobilizing Attack (HIA) "Kick Flips etc.... "
4. Attack by Drawing (ABD) With SAA
5. Attack by Combo (ABC) "Leading the Foe into a Cut "

These are the only ways the Foe can Cut you and you Him
Learn to See these in combat one can React with the proper Tactic
Flowing with the Combat on a Higher level

Learn to see which Tactic you use most and change so as not to become Stale
to be able to change to another tactic if the Foe is aware of it.

THE Cuts mean nothing they all use the 5 ways of attack
Know these you Know Combat.

1. Be Simple - Anything too complex fails.
2. Be Direct - The shortest path between 2 points is a direct line.
3. Bend - If you can't bend you will be crushed.