January 30 2020: After Action


January 30 2020: After Action

Bushido Blade Thursday January 30 2020: After Action Report first off i want to thank everyone for being there we cant do anything without you.
we held many events all of which everyone showed control and respect for your fellows also very helpful to those whom were new to our process thank you all.
Stay tuned for the next Events +SifuRed

About +SifuRed

i am a martial artist based on zen and taoist concepts. i have trained in: Thai Boxing. Western Boxing. Western Fencing. Japanese Kenjutsu. Shurikenjutsu. Iaijutsu. Nunchaku. Yogunjutsu. Jeet Kiri Do. and Jeet Kune Do. Philosophy. General world history. War History and Tactics. All Basic scientific branches.

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