After Action Report: 2020 Chinese New Years Event.


After Action Report: 2020 Chinese New Years Event.

First of all let me say that everyone did a fantastic job it was an absolute joy to see everyone and the event we held ran smoothly without fault I chalk that up to good training and good people good start to a new year. Will be hosting a lot more of these and hopefully training some new students. Now some housekeeping we will be posting the next event on Monday also I’d like to get our website a little bit more active so if anyone wishes to contribute please contact me what I’m looking for article writers to submit and post fresh articles on a weekly basis something nice to read about in our vein of Interest that being philosophical science martial arts etcetera thank you for your time and flow with what is. +SifuRed

About +SifuRed

i am a martial artist based on zen and taoist concepts. i have trained in: Thai Boxing. Western Boxing. Western Fencing. Japanese Kenjutsu. Shurikenjutsu. Iaijutsu. Nunchaku. Yogunjutsu. Jeet Kiri Do. and Jeet Kune Do. Philosophy. General world history. War History and Tactics. All Basic scientific branches.

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  • Conan
    Jan 26, 2020 @ 12:43 pm

    It was fun last night! Here is a toast to 2020, and a journey in training for us all :).


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